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Re: Bug#62699: cdparanoia should check/create the /dev/sg* devices that it requires. (Summary)

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Dale E. Martin wrote:

> The upshot of this thread with respect to cdparanoia, in my mind, is:
> 1) cdparanoia could/should see if the sg devices exist
> 2) if they don't, it could offer to create them
> 3) if they do, or if it created them, it could offer to set the
> permissions or (probably better) refer the user to README.Debian
> discussing how to set them.

I agree with this summary except I have now been convinced it would be
better to *never* set the ownerships/permissions away from the default
(safe) values, and instead have some good discussion in README.Debian of the

> I don't really mind the idea of cdparanoia creating the sg devices with
> default ownerships.  I'm _very_ paranoid to have it set them to anything
> like root.cdrom - the machine I'm typing this on contains 6 SCSI devices
> and none of them is a cdrom.  I don't really want cdparanoia or anything
> else poking at those devices without me going and setting it up to do
> so.

Agreed. (!)

> Probably the most I'll do right away is update README.Debian discussing
> some of this stuff.  Then I'll start figuring out debconf (which I've
> never had to deal with before) and seeing about writing the scripts to
> do the other stuff.
> Does this sound like a plan?

Yes.  It sounds like an excellent consensus way to go.


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