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Re: apropos broken in potato

On Fri 21 Apr 2000, Kenneth Scharf wrote:

> I have been using 'apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade'

Try "apt-get dist-upgrade" once in a while... Could make a difference.

> find that apropos no longer works.  Sometimes
> (depending on subject) is will just sit there forever
> finding nothing, sometimes it will find a few topics
> but never finish.  Tried 'apropos mt' and it gives
> "SetRecLmt(3tcl) - set maximum allowable nesting depth
> in interpreter" forever.

Sounds more like there's a circular (sym)link somewhere in the man
hierarchy? FWIW, 'apropos mt' works fine here:

CrtItemType (3tk)    - define new kind of canvas item
CrtPhImgFmt (3tk)    - define new file format for photo images
Net::Cmd (3pm)       - Network Command class (as used by FTP, SMTP etc)
Net::SMTP (3pm)      - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client
SetRecLmt (3tcl)     - set maximum allowable nesting depth in interpreter
ilbmtoppm (1)        - convert an ILBM file into a portable pixmap
lispmtopgm (1)       - convert a Lisp Machine bitmap file into pgm format
mt (1)               - control magnetic tape drive operation
mtools (1)           - utilities to access DOS disks in Unix. TQ
mtools (5)           - mtools configuration files TQ
mtoolstest (1)       - tests and displays the configuration TQ
mtr (8)              - a network diagnostic tool

98 lines in total.

Paul Slootman
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