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Re: Bug#62699: cdparanoia should check/create the /dev/sg* devices that it requires. (Summary)

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> as for un-unix i agree, (for example) one of my favorite things about
> *nix is its terseness, devfs' horridly verbose deep paths to devices
> is evil IMO.  I do NOT want to see say df output where the device path
> takes up an entire line causing the output to be wrapped around the
> edge of the screen (as seen in a lk post by richard gooch). that among
> the many other things...

I only raised the question of devfs - I haven't seen anything about it
with respect to Debian/woody.  I certainly wasn't suggesting that it be
forced on anyone, and I wasn't trying to start some controversy.

The upshot of this thread with respect to cdparanoia, in my mind, is:
1) cdparanoia could/should see if the sg devices exist
2) if they don't, it could offer to create them
3) if they do, or if it created them, it could offer to set the
permissions or (probably better) refer the user to README.Debian
discussing how to set them.

I don't really mind the idea of cdparanoia creating the sg devices with
default ownerships.  I'm _very_ paranoid to have it set them to anything
like root.cdrom - the machine I'm typing this on contains 6 SCSI devices
and none of them is a cdrom.  I don't really want cdparanoia or anything
else poking at those devices without me going and setting it up to do

Probably the most I'll do right away is update README.Debian discussing
some of this stuff.  Then I'll start figuring out debconf (which I've
never had to deal with before) and seeing about writing the scripts to
do the other stuff.

Does this sound like a plan?

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