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Re: Bug#62352: usr/doc and /usr/share/doc confusion

On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 11:58:00AM +0200, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
> > > ls: /usr/doc/workbone: No such file or directory
> > > ls: /usr/doc/xfractint: No such file or directory
> > > ls: /usr/doc/xmcd: No such file or directory
> > > ls: /usr/doc/zlib1: No such file or directory
> > > bartjan@spiderwebs:/usr/share/doc$
> > > 
> > > Does this mean that above packages are broken ??
> > 
> > Yes.
> <URL:http://www.debian.org/lintian/reports/Tpostinst-does-not-set-usr-doc-link.html>
> lists 1178 packages with this breakage.

The scope of that lintian check isn't this particular error. You can still
have Policy 2.5 conformant packages that wouldn't have this error but get
the postinst-does-not-set-usr-doc-link error when checked with Lintian.

You could probably get a number of packages with this particular problem by
subtracting the number of packages failing the ancient-standards-version
check from this number :)

> That's one of the most common lintian problems ATM.

Yes, because it was a major Policy change, and Lintian demands conformance
to the latest policy. Hopefully we'll have Policy 3.x compliance a reason
to file RC bugs against woody packages, so that will get fixed sooner.

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