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Bug#62352: usr/doc and /usr/share/doc confusion

peterc@aurema.com writes:

> Package: general
> Version: potato
> New documentation is being installed in /usr/share/doc (whereas it was 
> installed in /usr/doc in the slink release)  
> This is fine, except that the default apache config still sets /doc/
> URLs to /usr/doc

This is by design. Look at policy. Documentation should be installed
in /usr/share/doc, but it also has to have a symlink from /usr/doc/foo
to /usr/share/doc/foo. The reason this was done (IIRC) was just for
web servers to be able to maintain /usr/doc as the /doc virtual URL
(older packages still have /usr/doc as their documentation base, and
the symlinks guarantee that documentation will be available in
/usr/doc). /usr/doc will be migrated away from more completely in
woody, and (I think) totally removed in woody+1.

> My solution at present is manually to delete documentation from
> /usr/doc that is duplicated in /usr/doc and in /usr/share/doc, rename
> stuff in /usr/doc  to /usr/share/doc, and then to symlink
> /usr/share/doc to /usr/doc 
> But this is UGLY.

If there is documentation in /usr/share/doc but not in /usr/doc (as a
symlink), that package is broken.

Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo - jkaivo@ndn.net - http://jakob.kaivo.net/

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