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Re: FHS 2.1 is released

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 03:32:21PM -0700, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> FHS 2.1 is done!
>   FHS 2.1 supersedes both FSSTND 1.2 and FHS 2.0.  There have been some
>   significant improvements and bug fixes since FHS 2.0.  Please see the
>   FHS web site for details.  (It has been a few years since the last
>   official release, so check it out if you're using a previous version
>   of FHS or FSSTND.)

Here's a small changelog from the webpage, although it seems there's more:

Brief listing of major changes since version 2.0. Please don't base your
comments on only this summary. Read the document.
Changes from FHS 2.0 to FHS 2.1 

Before you make any comments on these changes, please read the entire FHS
document. Many of these changes are interdependent or
are due to factors outside of our control. The rationale for all of these
changes is located in the FHS document. 

    Major Technical Changes (i.e., most, but not all of them) 
        /var/lib restored (briefly, it was not reasonable to relocate it to
        /var/share removed 
        Distributions may install software in /opt, but may not modify or
delete software locally installed without the assent of the
        local system administrator. 
        /usr/X386 is no longer mentioned. 
        /var/mail is still the location that applications should access for
the mail spool. However, it does not have to be
        physically located there. 
        some really old symbolic links have been removed 
        /var/spool/smail is no longer explicitly mentioned 
    Non-technical changes 
        Various formatting, grammar, and typographical fixes. 

Daniel Quinlan
FHS editor 

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