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Re: wrong priorities in the override file for potato

> > As for libdb2, isn't that a moot point considering it doesn't really exist,
> > [...]
> If it does not really exist, I think there should not be dependencies on it.
> OTOH, if we are in the middle of a transition and the (real) 
> dependencies are satisfied by libc6, then libc6 should have a 
> Provides: libdb2, so that these dependencies are already satisfied in 
> the dpkg sense. Joel?

That wont work still, all of the depends are versioned, so a provide wont
work. I'm pretty sure Joel has some sort of transistion in mind (probably
libc6 2.2 is going to be a newer version of libdb, and libdb2 will be
there to fill in the old deps, while libc6 moves on).

Is this the case?

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