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Re: [WOODY/WOODY+1] Excess Internationalizion Data

On Saturday 8 April 2000, at 15 h 20, the keyboard of David Starner 
<dvdeug@x8b4e53cd.dhcp.okstate.edu> wrote:

> My solution (ah, here's the complex technical solution that will require
> reworking the deb format! (-:) is letting the sysadmin specify which
> languages she will install when she installs the system, and then each
> deb mark the language specific files and install only those.

And what happens if the sysadmin changes his mind after that? How will you 
install all the files which were rejected?

> Possibly
> with a special mark for documentation packages that are useless if you don't
> use the language within.

To continue the thread about the generic solution, RedHat has such a feature: 
files marked as "documentation" will not be installed if you choose so (they 
don't have separate documentation packages).

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