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Re: Removing compiled-by-hand packages [WAS:] Potato - update-alternatives and window managers

> > I'm a bit short of space in my /usr partition, and it would be
> > "useful"... :)
> If you remove your versions, and install the debian versions, it's sort
> of a "half a dozen of one vs. six of the other" kind of thing. If you
> have drive space somewhere, you could move /usr/local to a new
> partition, thus giving /usr more room.

Not exactly... Some libraries, when compiled/installed, don't remove
older versions, and we can easily find different versions on
/usr/local/lib/libsomething-x.x.x.la (_not_ symlinks, sure). Wiping this
mess would be easier than trying to find different versions and removing
the right files. Some libs are 4Mb-sized, and 4 of them do waste space
in any HD.

Thanks... :)


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