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Re: Potato - update-alternatives (Ian Jackson) and window managers - doubt (and Slink to Potato Success)

> FWIW, gnome-session is not a window manager. If you're sure you want
> to do that, you could issue:

Well, really no, but we can configure Gnome's default window manager it
its Control Panel.
I run gnome-session and it starts WindowMaker for me... :) Maybe not the
right way, I suppose. Some explanations about this point are welcome...

> > Yes I did read the man 8 update-alternatives, but it was a bit confusing
> > to me (as I think it is a bit confusing to anyone but the man writer aka
> > Ian Jackson), since it was not sufficiently explanatory (at least to me.
> > Shame on me...).
> I agree. Trial-and-error helps.

Heheh... To be absolutely true, I tried. And solved this problem two
minutes after posting that message... Shame on me twice...

> But I think the better way to do this is to start gnome-session from
> your "~/.xinitrc" This way "x-window-manager" will still start a
> window manager, not a session manager or whatever.

Surely, but...
I really like Window Maker. Despite is stated in its README, I simply
wasn't able to compile it with GNOME support (or maybe I am confused by
the fact that gnome-session displays an error about "-ClientId" not
being supported by Window Maker). It made some messes on my ~/.GNUstep
directory and some other things (I can't reproduce it now. I could lose
my sanity).


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