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Re: Uninstallable packages

On Wed 05 Apr 2000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Some more statistics.
> For slink [0], the number of uninstallable packages are:

Forgive the ignorance, but what determines whether a package is

> Stats for woody [2] are:
>     * i386:94
>     * powerpc:155
>     * sparc:272
>     * m68k:278
>     * alpha:3202  (somewhat biassed by the fact that libc6 isn't available)

Alpha has used libc6.1 for a long time. Suddenly all the packages depend
on libc6 and not libc6.1?  Or do you in fact mean that libc6.1 is not in

> Note that autobuilders aren't necessary focussing on woody, and

The alpha one is.

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