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Uninstallable packages

Some more statistics.

For slink [0], the number of uninstallable packages are:

     * i386:7     (of 2269 == 0.3%)
     * m68k:23    (of 2072 == 1.1%)
     * alpha:26   (of 2071 == 1.3%)
     * sparc:29   (of 2050 == 1.4%)

For potato [1], currently, the number of uninstallable packages are:

     * i386:12    (of 3935 == 0.3%)
     * sparc:23   (of 3734 == 0.6%)
     * alpha:44   (of 3764 == 1.1%)
     * m68k:49    (of 3664 == 1.3%)
     * powerpc:80 (of 3602 == 2.2%)

sparc's improved quite a bit, i386, m68k and alpha have stayed about the
same. Powerpc could do with some catching up, maybe, but that's about it.

Note that the numbers for potato will probably go down if some of the
currently filed RC bugs are fixed.

Stats for woody [2] are:

    * i386:94
    * powerpc:155
    * sparc:272
    * m68k:278
    * alpha:3202  (somewhat biassed by the fact that libc6 isn't available)

Note that autobuilders aren't necessary focussing on woody, and
maintainers are ocassionally uploading packages for just frozen, thus
deleting the link from unstable. When these get fixed after potato's
released, the numbers above will probably deflate a bit.


[0] http://auric.debian.org/~ajt/slink_probs.html
[1] http://auric.debian.org/~ajt/potato_probs.html ; updated daily.
[2] http://auric.debian.org/~ajt/unstable_probs.html ; updated daily.

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