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RE: Reducing downtime on system critical services

> > The only problem with this approach is in cases where the running
> > program makes use of the file you want to change.  In that case,
> > you may screw things up by swapping a configuration file out from
> > underneath the program if it's still running.
> Yeah, and those programs should special case themselves (and 
> policy should allow it).

> I think those types are rare and few between though (usually if the
> program monitors the config file state actively, the changes 
> should not be so that it would cause problems). Arguably, such programs 
> are broken to start with. I don't think I would want anything that 
> immeiately recognized my config file changes without telling it to 
> (with a simple SIGHUP, like inetd and such do).

Does anyone want to put together a policy change proposal?


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