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Re: need POSIX Shared memory and message queues on Linux ?

GOTO Masanori <gotom@debian.or.jp> writes:

> At Fri, 31 Mar 2000 11:57:27 +0200,
> Computing For Industry <cfi-rts@libertysurf.fr> wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > I've an application wrote for a POSIX OS, using "messages queues", and
> > "shared memory"  and I'd like to port it on a Linux OS.
> > Could you tell me if you have a Linux Operating System distribution for an
> > iX86 platform, that supports these (or some of these) Standard POSIX
> > specifications:
> > _POSIX_MESSAGE_PASSING (POSIX.4 for message queues supporting),
> > _POSIX_MEMORY_SHARING (POSIX.4/D9 for Shared Memory support),
> > and _POSIX_MESSAGE_QUEUES (POSIX.4/D9 for IPC Message Queues support)
> They aren't currently supported on Linux kernel.
> I, however, heard that Cristopher Rohland
> <hans-christoph.rohland@sap.com> has already tried to write
> code about POSIX Shared memory. 
> I'm also trying the POSIX message queues...
> But, they are very under depelopment stage, so you should use
> SYSV IPC instead of POSIX IPC functions.
> IMHO, porting from POSIX IPC to SYSV IPC may be complicate,
> but SYSV IPC already exists, and they are very stable, tested
> on Linux for a long time.

Yes, I wrote the shm fs which will be available in the Linux kernel
version 2.4. This allows posix shm. The flags and functions are still
missing in the C library but will be added soon (hopefully). You could
also add a very small special library for that.

BTW posix shm will be as well tested as the SYSV IPC shm since it uses
the same code.


Christoph Rohland 
SAP LinuxLab

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