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Re: ATTN: pjw@edmc.net

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 01:50:09PM -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> If you wish to email me about any of my packages, do so from an address
> which does not reject my mail as coming from a "dialup" IP.  My IP is
> STATIC and your ISP is run by morons who can't tell the difference, even
> though I am no longer listed on the DUL.  I am attempting once and once
> only to reach you via the lists.  I will not attempt to do so in the
> future.  Mail me from an ISP with a clue in the future if you'd like a
> reply.

I suggest you close bugs filed by such people without comment.

Call it the Malicious Blacklist User Behavior Modification System.

If they don't want to communicate with package maintainers, they have
several options for getting their problems resolved:

  1) they can obtain an email address at a place that doesn't use the DUL;
  2) they can file the bug through a friend who doesn't use the DUL;
  3) they can fix the problem themselves and post the fix to debian-devel.

There are many options available for blacklist-employing Debian users that
require only minimal additional effort on their part.  If they are using an
ISP that employs the DUL and have no ability to opt out of it, perhaps they
should explore using a different ISP.  There are lots of them, you know.

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