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Re: no freeramdisk? -> util-linux

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> wrote:
>   I'm attempting to write support for scsidev at boot time in conjonction with
> a fork of hwtools to create a new scsitools package that will provide only the
> scsi stuff of hwtools and compile on non-i386 Debian architectures.
> However, my scripts will eventually make use of freeramdisk which is not
> available on all architectures.  In fact, it is currently only provided by
> loadlin on i386 :((  (see wishlist bug #49878).
> I don't think it's worth creating a stand alone package for freeramdisk (which
> is 3k) so the best package I found to move to is util-linux.
> Do you agree with this proposal?  It should go under /bin or /sbin (/sbin
> preferably) because I need it early at boot time, before any partition (like
> /usr) is mounted.
> I will file a bug against loadlin & util-linux if I get a consensus on it.


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