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[package] drakxtools; diskdrake partition manager

Hi, ive made my first debian package, Mandrakes drakxtools, it contains
a number of configuration tools, but my primary reason for packaging is
to provide diskdrake.

Diskdrake is a graphical partition manager, it allows resizing
parititions etc. I originally thought this would be good during
installation, but as it requires X and gtk i dont think it would be

drakxtools also contains configuration tools XFdrake, keyboarddrake,
mousedrake, lspcidrake, printerdrake, netdrake.

drakxtools are nearly totally perl scripts, my perl skills arent that
good, i couldnt work out how to efficiently seperate diskdrake from the
rest, so the package contains all the tools.

One problem is that these configuration tools all bahave as they should
on a Mandrake system, they havent been modified to suit debian yet....
as i said i primarily wanted to package diskdrake.

The various drakxtools are also called by lothar, which is a mandrake
sponsored hardware detection program. lothar has been packaged by Dan
Helfman <witten@torsion.org> it is waiting for a sponsor

Im not an official debian maintainer yet (but want to be) if anyone
feels upto it i could do with some advice/feedback on my efforts so far.

I still have a fair bit of work to do before this package is ready, but
diskdrake does work.

The package as it is so far is at
ftp://computernerds.com.au/debian/drakxtools/ this is a permanent modem
connection, so expect it to be slow.


Glenn McGrath

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