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Re: RBL report..

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 01:15:27PM -0800, Larry Gilbert wrote:
> Rather than contribute to the flame war, I would like to ask a question.
> Apologies if this is a total rookie question.
> Why is murphy.debian.org not adding a "Received:" header to show where
> messages are originating?  This information is useful when trying to
> track down actual spammers.  Is this being deliberately omitted or does
> qmail just normally not include this info?

Some MTA's -- and I don't know which ones -- apparently choke if there is
more than n bytes' worth of Received: headers.

So, as I understand it, these are stripped out by murphy to help make sure
the list mails get to all the recipients.

A person who runs an SMTP listener on their own box could, of course, be
sure to run a non-broken MTA, but some people don't do that because they've
been intimidated into using a smarthost, which might run just such a broken
MTA.  The anti-spam bigots enjoy seeing catch-22's like this.  DoS attacks
in the name spam prevention is their favorite sport.  After all, no REAL
people (read: people with single-user machines and nailed-up IP's) get
hurt by such tactics.

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