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Re: RBL report..

This spam issue is so political.

If you're stuck with a service provider who has a crappy mail
service, and/or who has your IP listed on the DUL, I'll offer a

I run an ISP in Canada. We offer shell accounts, on a machine
running Debian Potato, for a reasonable price ($10/month, or $60/year) 
Then you can use SSH to tunnel mail through my server.  The box is
running sendmail 8.9.3

I'm pretty anal about people who try to use the shell server for DoS or
theft of service (ie spam)  I don't expect anyone on this list would do

A description of our shell service can be found at

Any current Debian developer will get the service for half price on a
yearly basis ($30/year)  Same goes for people with sponsored packages.

Email shellmaster@bestnet.org if you're interested.

As for the list spam issue:  spam on the lists is annoying, but not a
showstopper (yet)  I think the "X-Spam" header idea is a good one. 
Politics aside, it allows for a simple and public examination of which
of DUL, ORBS etc catch what spam on the list, without stopping any
legitimate mail from getting through.

I also believe that stripping Received headers is a mistake.  They are
useful for tracking problems, not just spam.  Maybe X-Received is an
option for dealing with broken mailers.



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