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Re: RFP: bidwatcher

Hi Bdale,

Since I'm the one maintaining the SourceForge version, maybe you and I
should talk. :-)

Larry Gilbert
Seattle, WA, USA

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Bdale Garbee wrote:

> The original author has abdicated, and a fork has occurred.  I'm currently
> using the version from Wayne Schlitt <wayne@midwestcs.com>, which can be
> found at http://www.midwestcs.com/bidwatcher/.  There is another version
> at SourceForge, and the good news is the two folks didn't know they were
> working in parallel, and have now agreed to work towards a merge using the
> SourceForge site in the future.  The code is GPL'ed, and does not include
> the extra wording needed for GPL'ed code linking with QT.  That needs to be
> resolved before an upload.
> Any takers?  

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