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RFP: bidwatcher

I've built a package of bidwatcher, which is a tool for users of eBay, that
assists in placing and monitoring bids.  I don't really want to maintain the
package, though, so I'm calling for a volunteer to package this for real and
upload it.  I'm happy to provide what I've done so far, but it's just a
dh_make in the root of the package source tree, and a few trivial edits to
the debian/* files.

The original author has abdicated, and a fork has occurred.  I'm currently
using the version from Wayne Schlitt <wayne@midwestcs.com>, which can be
found at http://www.midwestcs.com/bidwatcher/.  There is another version
at SourceForge, and the good news is the two folks didn't know they were
working in parallel, and have now agreed to work towards a merge using the
SourceForge site in the future.  The code is GPL'ed, and does not include
the extra wording needed for GPL'ed code linking with QT.  That needs to be
resolved before an upload.

Any takers?  


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