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Re: Is someone working on Jazz++ ?

> > I tried, but it would not build and failed in several places.
> Ditto.

Yup.  I have actually resolved most of these issues (not all), and I've
been thinking about setting up a package.  I actually started working on a
package of the (still-alpha-quality) Gseq sequencer, but it needs some
work on the midi-handling code, so I've put it off until I have time to
rewrite that stuff.

> I'll take a look to see if I can get it working with current wxWindows
> (the ones that Ron's been packaging up lately) but I'm not entirely
> hopeful.

I'm almost positive it won't compile against anything in the 2.X wxWindows
set.  The API changes significantly, IIRC.  It _should_ build against
wxxt, which is the Xt-based wxWindows 1.X package in potato/woody, but who
wants to use _anything_ that looks like Xt apps do?  The other issue is
that the code, as released, doesn't work with ALSA 0.5.X. There are
patches available, but I haven't had time to look at them yet.

I'm in the middle of moving from the East Coast to the West due to a job
change, so time is short at the moment.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to
look at both of these in about two weeks when I need to be done packing. 


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