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Re: RBL report..

Nils Jeppe <nils@jeppe.de> writes:

> Four weeks? Did they change this? When we got blacklisted coz a customer
> (open relay) used us as a smart host, they gave us four days ;-).

All I can report is my experience.  I got four weeks.

> Yeah, me too. They're competent, cool people, and their system works in
> almost totally eleminating spam, unlike the other RBLs out there.

I don't use ORBS, but I'd be happy to.  My experience with them showed
them to be quick to respond to requests, but at the same time
unyielding in their policy, no matter what (kind of like Star Trek,

If I set up a mailhost again, I'll be running it past ORBS when I
think I have it ready to test for open relays; it looked to me as
though they had a very good suite of tests.

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