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Re: RBL report..

On 26 Mar 2000, Jason Henry Parker wrote:

> postmaster at a host I co-admin got mail from ORBS a few days before
> Christmas of 1999.  We were given four weeks to fix our open relay,
> plenty of logs and a reasonable amount of help from the ORBS website
> on how to fix it.  The only difficult part was finding how to upgrade
> our mailserver!

Four weeks? Did they change this? When we got blacklisted coz a customer
(open relay) used us as a smart host, they gave us four days ;-).

> Having been on the nasty end of the ORBS stick, I still give it a
> thumbs-up.

Yeah, me too. They're competent, cool people, and their system works in
almost totally eleminating spam, unlike the other RBLs out there.

Plus, they're not a "blackhole". We had one case where an upstream
provider used one of those to block IP traffic - to Real.Com. Now
that's overkill. But blocking mail traffic from open relays is perfectly

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  wise' attitude."
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