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Re: RBL report..

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Joseph Carter wrote:

> > afaik, ORBS sends to postmaster@domain. What other right place could there
> > be?
> The domain's technical contact.

Might be a good idea to do this in addition to postmaster@domain, but I
fail to see where this is "better" - Most domains have quite nonsensical
"hostmaster" tech-c's.

> Uh, I can find at least one site real quickly whose admin will tell you
> that he got a message from ORBS, fixed the problem, was blacklisted
> anyway, and it took him a month to get off that list even though the
> problem was fixed days before they blacklisted him.

Yeah well they probably did NOT fix the problem, then.

> Given every report I've heard to the contrary, I'm not sure I believe
> that.  I've also been told that there are cases where their tests produce
> false positives.

I don't see how you can create a false positive on a relay test. Either
the message gets through, and you're an open relay, or it doesn't, and
you're fine. It's quite simple, really.

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