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Re: Novell: NDS eDirectory for Linux

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Load NLDAP.NLM on one of your Netware servers.
> I did just that and wrote some WEB-applications with php3 to get phone and
> mailinggrop information from NDS.  
Please excuse my ignorance about LDAP.  I really don't know how it works
and how can I profit from it.

My intention is to enable normal Novell users access to linux boxes
without triggering my /etc/passwd with the Novell user accounts.  I
hope that there is any simple possibility for Netware users to get
a login on some (one to three) Linux boxes with their Novell password
and home directory on the NCPFS mounted Novell volume.  This would
save my time to install NIS and adding and removing users on my
Linux boxes.

May be I'm dreaming of something which is not possible, yet.

Kind regards


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