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Re: aptitude

Previously Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> Robert Ramiega (robert@plukwa.net) wrote:
> >  I must have missed it... Anyway it needs dpkg.h and i cant find it on my
> > system... Searcher on Debian Web site can't find it either =o((
> it's in dpkg-dev.

It used to be, but I remove libdpkg and its header-files from dpkg-dev a
while ago: they were only written as a way to share code between dpkg
and dselect and were never intended to be used for something else.
They should never have been in dpkg-dev.

Unfortunately the Stormix people weren't aware of that and used libdpkg
in the frontend. At the moment they're converting it to use libapt-pkg
though and from what I hear they're making nice progress with that.


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