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Re: unmets in potato

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Alexander N. Benner wrote:

> Hi
> I just updated my potato system, so except of 9 Packages who got updated in
> the last 3 hours :-} I should have a system as it is represented by
> ftp.de.debian.org.
> I still have 4 unmet dependencies:
> python-base (interpret) depends on libdb1.85  
> libdb1.85 does not appear to be available

That's an already reported bug.

> pipsecd (non-US) depends on userlink
> userlink does not appear to be available

fania:~# apt-cache show pipsecd
Package: pipsecd
Version: 1:19990511-14
The `userlink' dependency can be satisfied by installing and compiling the
`userlink-source' package.

> wmanager (X11) depends on libgl
> libgl does not appear to be available

I think this should be libgl1. This bug doesn't seem to be reported
yet, so you should send a bug report. It looks like a typo when fixing Bug
#59594 . I've Cc'ed the maintainer of the package, Tommi Virtanen.

> libglide2-v3 (libs) depends on device3dfx-module
> device3dfx-module does not appear to be available

That's Bug #57702, but it's not release critical, although it makes the
package uninstallable!



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