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Re: Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

I've been using unstable (now frozen) since before potato, mostly
because there have been features I need only offered in unstable.
This started before the fantastic work began on point releases of
slink.  So far I don't mind, because unstable has been stable enough
for me.

However, as a Debian user, I'd encourage and appreciate continuing the
practice of making those point releases every 2/3 months containing
updates of key packages, as necessary.  In my case that would include
TeTeX, Emacs, Perl, Python, and other major packages.  AFAICT there's
nothing to prevent 2.4 from being included as an option in some future
point release.  Right now I'm *eagerly* awaiting the time when potato
becomes stable so I can get some new CD's -- the latest ones I have are
from hamm! :-)

Jesse Jacobsen, Pastor          jjacobsen@jvlnet.com
Grace Lutheran Church (ELS)     http://www.jvlnet.com/~jjacobsen/
Madison, Wisconsin              GnuPG public key ID: 2E3EBF13

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