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Re: Debian boot disks with HPT 366

Jeff Licquia <jeff@luci.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 03:28:51AM -0800, Anant Kabra wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is including the HPT366 controller in the Debian boot
>> disk controller something being considered? If not
>> could someone point me to the sources from which the
>> debian boot/root disks are made?

> My main problem at this point is that I still cannot boot from the
> disk on the HPT366 controller, and thus am forced to boot from
> floppy.  That's more of a laziness/priority issue for me, though.

> Also: Rather than fight with the boot floppies on potato, I installed
> slink and dist-upgraded to potato.

For anyone who may wish to have more information on the HPT366 issues,
here is a link you might find useful:


I have not looked into the potato boot disks yet, but if they decide
to go for HPT366 support, in addition to the patched kernels, please
remember to add the corresponding device files into /dev.

-- Chuan-kai Lin

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