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Re: Debian boot disks with HPT 366

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 03:28:51AM -0800, Anant Kabra wrote:
> Hi,
> Is including the HPT366 controller in the Debian boot
> disk controller something being considered? If not
> could someone point me to the sources from which the
> debian boot/root disks are made?

I believe there is a kernel-image-2.2.14-ide in potato that should
work (assuming it isn't a casualty of the Bug Horizon).

I own an Abit m/b with a HPT366, and I recently installed Debian on
it.  Here's how I did it:

 - downloaded the kernel sources and the IDE patch from kernel.org and 
built new kernel packages with make-kpkg, making sure the IDE drivers
I needed were compiled into the kernel

 - created the install floppies

 - copied the new kernel to the rescue disk

 - booted with the rescue disk and installed as usual, using /dev/hde
as the drive to install to

My main problem at this point is that I still cannot boot from the
disk on the HPT366 controller, and thus am forced to boot from
floppy.  That's more of a laziness/priority issue for me, though.

Also: Rather than fight with the boot floppies on potato, I installed
slink and dist-upgraded to potato.

Hope this helps.

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