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Re: better RSYNC mirroring , for .debs and others

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Andrea Mennucc1 wrote:

> rsync contains a wonderful algorithm to speedup downloads when mirroring
> files which have only minor differences;
> only problem is, this algorithm is ALMOST NEVER  used
> when mirroring a debian repository

Small detail here, .debs, like .gz files are basically not-rsyncable. gzip
effectively randomizes the contents of the files making the available
differences very, very small. This is particularly true for .debs when you
add in the fact that gcc never produces binary identical output on
consecutive runs.

Please *do not* run a client with this type of patch connected to any of
our servers, it will send the load sky high for no good reason, rsync is
already responsible for silly amounts of load, do not make it worse.


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