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About the first encounter -> dselect [Was: Re: console-apt]

Also i think we need a tool that is common with beginners, so that
when one finds a new feature, he/she can tell his/her friends about
them. knowledge spreads fastest among people who understand each
other. which commonly isn't the case with Linux user who uses linux every
day, and a beginner. usually beginner doesn't understand the user who
speaks of meta keys (when he should be talking about alt/esc) and Linux
(which, as we all know, is commonly understood as the distribution).

and usually dselect is hard to understand, doesn't understand about
multiple revisions of packages (newest aptitude as a good example does),
isn't too straightforward (if you want to install one package now, keep
dselect running and select more later, you need to go to select, exit
select, go to install, go to select again, in console-apt or aptitude
you can do it with just a few keypresses).

dselect is outdated! if there is a better option, why not use it. micrsoft
moved to the new look in windows when program manager went obsolete. i
bet Red Hat had an poor interface at first, and they have a prettu
useable one now (what i have heard). why shouldn't debian move on. we
could keep dselect out there for those who want to use it. but lets not
ruin the chances of new users!

i'm not attacking anyone with this mail, i don't want flames. these are
my opinions. i know that by sending this mail, i'm going to piss off
MANY dselect users/friends..

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 01:51:28PM +0100, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> In my opinion something intuitive like console-apt or aptitude should be
> used to make it easy for everybody to install packages first. So, it
> should be the default package frontend for new users.
> All experienced users can use dselect, apt-get, and everything what they
> like to install packages.
get a life, get the second one free...

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