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mod_dtcl update

Hi, excuse the delay with which I have fixed this bug, but I would
like to plead my case for getting the fix into potato:

First of all, I recently moved from San Francisco to Padova, Italy,
which was no small drain on my time resources.

Second, the grave bug was a build option which I simply turned off,
nothing complicated.  There is no functionality missing, just some
htmlized web pages for the packages source code, certainly something
that most people don't even want (I put them in because I think it's a
neat thing, but it's certainly nothing important).

The number is: #58431.

David N. Welton, Developer, Linuxcare, Inc.
tel +39.09.802.4648 fax +39.049.803.6484
davidw@linuxcare.com, http://www.linuxcare.com/
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