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What's libieee.a ?

I noticed that Python's configure script checks for presence of libieee:

  # Linux requires this for correct f.p. operations
  AC_CHECK_LIB(ieee, __fpu_control)

Now libc6 includes a quite sparse /usr/lib/libieee.a,

  freefly;17> dpkg -S libieee
  libc6-dev: /usr/lib/libieee.a
  freefly;18> nm /usr/lib/libieee.a
  00000000 t Letext
  00000000 D _LIB_VERSION

but I can't find any documentation about it in the libc6 documentation.

Now does linking with libieee change the FP behavior of an application, or
is it just an empty legacy provided for compatibility with pre-libc6 sources?


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