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Re: Napster clients... Improvement of dselect

On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 05:34:15PM +0200, Gediminas Paulauskas was heard to say:
  [stuff about see-also]

  Isn't Suggests: similar to "see also"?  Maybe I should go reread that bit
of the packaging manual :)

> > Ability to email the maintainer of a package by   launching pine, mutt etc
> I think questions will raise only when package s already installed and has
> problems or you want to send big THANKS to him. But great idea, on the other
> hand. instead of `dpkg -p <package>`, looking for mail and sending a mail,
> just look at dselect (deity?) and press 'm'...

  Not only is this a nifty feature, but it should also be trivial to implement..

> > And much much more
> yeah, much... one of them, that some people asked, was size, which will all
> selected packages occupy when installed. Much windows applications' and other
> linux' distributions installers check if there is enough space to install
> and shows available and required sizes.
> so... much to improve. What about aptitude, console-apt or deity? i still
> prefer dselect...

  The apt-based installers ought to be able to handle this, more or less
(aptitude, at least, can) -- there are problems with getting a totally accurate
view due to broken packages, packages which get installed due to fixing
broken dependencies in a pre-download phase, and so on -- but you can get
a rough estimate very easily.


  If you take the long view, the universe is just something small and round,
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doesn't have a little grinning snowman at the bottom.

  -- Terry Pratchett, _Good Omens_

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