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Re: Napster clients, so much diversity.

rob <really-funky-one@excite.com> wrote:
> Why is it that the three GNOME Napster clients are in 3 different places
> with in the the distribution. For quality and simplicity these should be all
> transfered to the same category.
> gnapster is in main/X11
> gnap is in main/utils
> gnome-napster is in main/net
> If i remember correctly some are marked as opt and some xtr.
> My thinking would be to place it in main/net. This solution i believe should
> be implemented before potato goes stable.

We want programs sorted by function, with indepentant comentary, or numbers of

So we could have mail-user-agent, with keywords net, and mail, include the
programs mutt, elm, balse, pine, etc. With good points and bad points of each.
Add some numbers to show how much they are used. The licence, the upstream web
site, author and e-mail address, and the interface, X11, Console, svgalib,
should be listed.

Then the user can say, `I want a new mail reader' and find exactly what they
want. Dselect/APT wants to look more freshmeat.

while :;do read x;echo \?;done

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