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Re: Problems with ftpd, wu-ftpd, and proftpd packages?

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.3.96.1000302132304.2729A-100000@gateway.targonia.com>,
David Bristel  <targon@targonia.com> wrote:
>Before submitting a bug report on these, I was wondering if anyone has done a
>CLEAN install of the different ftp servers.  What I found was that if I had NO
>/etc/ftpd, /etc/wu-ftpd, or /etc/proftpd, when I would do the install, it would
>not supply the config files needed for these to operate properly.  An upgrade
>from slink to potato would work if these were there previously.  It may be my
>system, or it may be a problem no one has noticed, since removing the package
>doesn't remove the config directory.

Files marked as config files are special. Dpkg only offers to install
a config file if both the installed version and the new version differ
from the version in the previous package.

Removing a config file is seen as a local change that must be

So what happened I think is that you installed wu-ftpd, then removed
it (with dpkg --remove). It's then in a state 'config files remain'.
If you then remove /etc/wu-ftpd manually, and re-install wu-ftpd,
dpkg will _not_ install the config files.

The solution is to use "dpkg --purge" instead of "dpkg --remove"
when you really want to remove a package from your system, config
files and all. You can still do this for the mentioned packages,
then reinstall the one you want to use.

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