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ITNMU: Xcdroast

I plan to do an NMU for XCDroast for frozen.
The explanation follows.
I did not hear from Wichert yet...


Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:

> Hi Wichert,
> I'm going to upload a version of tix41 linked with tk8.2.
> The problem is that:
>   1) I do not want to create an additional unnecessary package for
>      tix/tk8.0 and tix/tk8.2.
>   2) The only package in the archive which is linked with libtix is
>      xcdroast (all the others call tix only via scripts.
> Since I do not want to break XCDroast, would you mind upload a version
> of xcdroast compiled with the newer tix package ?
> The .debs are available on:
>   - ftp.fifi.org:/pub/debian-local/tix41
>   - master.debian.org, in my home directory (~phil)
> I could NMU XCdroast as well.
> Please give me a quick answer so that we can synchronize our uploads
> to master.
> Thanks,
> Phil.

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