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Re: Napster clients, so much diversity.

Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> rob (really-funky-one@excite.com) wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > >  Include as many as possible - everything has the right.. Nay, is REQUIRED
> > >  to be packaged and included in Debian, no matter how buggy, pointless, or
> > >  otherwise useles!!
> > >
> i took that statement to be sarcastic. with the size of the distribution
> growing so fast, shouldn't we have some restrictions on level of
> completeness?

If we start limiting the size, who is going to judge wether a package is
"worthy" of inclusion ?  Personally i hate EMACS cause i havent had time
to understand it, so to me EMACS is pointless and otherwise useless, but
i recognise its not my position to judge EMACS usefullness in other
peoples eyes.

IMO the only restriction on what deems an acceptable package should be
technical and legal.

Instead of trying to cut down these packages at a higher level, you
should recognise that the maintainers of those packages should be
logical and reasonable people, if there package doesnt add *ANYTHING*
for *ANYONE* then the maintainer should remove it themself.

If debian starts removing packages ad-hoc just because it doesnt fit
right on someones media of choice then to me debian will have lost its

DVD's are getting cheaper and cheaper, this may easy the burdin of
having to carry around four cd's or whatever its upto.

I havent looked into package pools much, but maybe this will be help
those people who dont have anywhere to store all the numeriously diverse
range of packages that debian provides. (i realise the apps in question
arent diverse, but it rolled of the tounge nicely)

Package pools may make it easy to creat sub-distributions of what
individuals consider "worthy" of inclusion in there world.

Maybe there could be some way of incorporating a popularity rating of
the apps into dpkg, and dpkg could automatically cull packages that
arent used much.  (NOT) 

Im sure you all mean well, and you may have a case in this example, but
dont you think it should be the package maintainers choice to pull a
package if it abides by all the current reqirements but just isnt
usefull ?

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