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Re: debconf help

Colin Walters wrote:
> It's actually in the exim example.

Aha. I have removed that example script. No need to keep it maintained when
better examples exist in the wild.

> Yes, it was a bug in my script.  I figured it out.  By the way, I've
> basically written a version of exim's preinst for postfix in perl5
> debconf, are you interested?  It is backup-capable and supports
> different priorities; I haven't seen an example that does this in
> perl, so if you're interested in another example for
> /usr/share/doc/debconf/examples, you can find it at:
> http://www.verbum.org/levanti/debian

I've basically decided to get rid of as many of the examples as I can (see
above), so you might do better to pass it on to the maintainers of exim
and/or postfix. 

see shy jo

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