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Re: dnscache, again

On Sun, Feb 27, 2000 at 05:32:39PM +0100, Michael Vogt wrote:
> There was a short discussion about dnscache some weeks ago. I looked into
> that program and found no license. Not in the source, not on its website
> http://cr.yp.to. Has anyone contacted D.J.Bernstein about the license?
> Is it freeware (as stated on freshmeat) ? If so, and nobody else is working
> on it, I intend to pack it. 

	DJB has been known not to license versions lower than 1.0
	of his software. You have an implicit license to download
	the software and use as you wish, that's documented on
	http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html (I think). But that gives
	no redistribution rights.

	For 1.0 and above, he will probably make a license that
	allows free distribution of tarballs matching the exact
	same md5sum as the ones he gives out. Probably no binary
	distribution, ever.

	No, he won't change his mind.
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