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SVGA X server bug (Was: xdvi table display problem)

>   I installed potato on my machine weeks ago (with tetex 1.0) and I
> noticed that xdvi cannot display table lines. The lines will appear
> if you change the display factor.
>   I tried and upgrade to the latest tetex, but this problem persists.
> Any possible cause and solutions?

Let me make myself clearer about the problem. xdvi (by default)
displays the documents at shrinkfactor 8. If you increase to
a larger factor like 12, you should be able to see the paper
boundary in black lines. After my slink->potato upgrade,
xdvi can no longer display lines, including tables. Text display
still works fine. I've gone through the bug report on teTeX but
doesn't seems to find a bug report about this.

I've further investigate the problem during the weekends and I've
come to a conclusion that the xdvi display problem MAY be caused
by the SVGA X server.

I have a laptop running on Trident Cyber9385 chipset, 16-bit
color-depth. xdvi functions properly while I was using slink (i.e.
XFree86-3.3.5.slink + teTeX-0.9). When I upgraded to potato (i.e.
XFree86-3.3.6 + teTeX-1.0), I noticed that xdvi cannot render lines
properly anymore. I've looked into the XDvi resources on slink
(teTeX-0.9) and it is set to *thorough: true.

My workaround is to either:

  i. invoke xvdvi with -copy option, or
  ii. modify the XDvi resources from *thorough: true to *copy: true, or
  iii. start X with -- -bpp 8.

Does this consider as a bug and shall I file a bug report?


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