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Re: 2 days till Bug Horizon

Previously Richard Braakman wrote:
> Package: autofs (debian/main).
> Maintainer: Justin Maurer <justin@debian.org>
>   52132 autofs: Race condition when expiring autofs submounts leaves daemon crippled
> [WAITING] Maintainer was contacted on Dec 12, awaiting reply.

This is a kernel problem and won't be fixed until autofs v5, which will
be introduced in the 2.5 kernels.

>   55030 autofs: mangles _ in maps

This is done on purpose iirc, upstream does it as well. Probably a case
of rtfm.

> Package: modutils (debian/main).
> Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
>   53660 modutils 2.3.9-1 assumes update-modules can run
>   54967 depmod doesn't care about unknown kernels anymore

I have a fix for 53660 in my sources, 54967 should be a user
configuration problem. I'll upload a fix today or tomorrow.

> Package: nfs-server (debian/main).
> Maintainer: Herbert Xu <herbert@debian.org>
>   55693 nfs-server: no init script

This package is obsolete, it has been replaced by nfs-kernel-server
and nfs-kerel-user. It should probably be removed from the archive.

> Package: samba (debian/main).
> Maintainer: Eloy A. Paris <peloy@debian.org>
>   57417 samba: smb.conf not moved to new location
>   58015 potato samba wins support is broken
>   58058 upgrade from slink went badly

I'm not sure if 57417 is real, it worked for me. I also don't believe
58015, that also seems to work fine for me.

> Package: slocate (debian/main).
> Maintainer: R Garth Wood <rgwood@debian.org>
>   57011 upgrade of slocate fails
>   57046 Again slocate's install is hosed up.
>   57530 slocate: overwrite not allowed (prevents other programs from installing)
>   58023 slocate: Fails to install due to dpkg-divert error

57011 is weird, /var/lib/slocate seems to disappear during some
upgrades. THe other might be fixed by now?

> Package: syslog-ng (debian/main).
> Maintainer: SZALAY Attila <sasa@debian.org>
>   55275 does not compile: does nasty tricks with va_list

This code is really nasty, it makes assumptions on how the compiler
implements va_list. Should either be rewritten or removed imho.

> Package: xcdroast (debian/main).
> Maintainer: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
>   57434 Looks in the wrong place for source data and "locks up".

Can't reproduce this.


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