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ITP: wml-tools

	I'm making a package for wml-tools, which are WML (WAP) development
and testing tools:

   wml-tools is a suite of small programs designed to help in the
   construction of WAP WML decks. The suite currently comprises :
     * wmlc - a WML bytecode compiler
     * wmld - a WML bytecode decompiler
     * wmlv - a very simple text-based WML deck viewer
     * wbmp2xpm - a WBMP to XPM converter
     * wmlhtml - a simple WML deck to HTML converter
     * rdfwml - an RDF channel to WML deck converter

License allows all usual things except asking for more money than copying
cost, so the package would go in non-free.

wml-tools site: http://pwot.co.uk/wml/


Fernando Sanchez
[http://ceu.fi.udc.es/gpul - fer@debian.org - http://humbolt.geo.uu.nl/eulug]

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