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Re: 6 days till Bug Horizon

Once upon a time, I heard Tommi Virtanen said

> >   54243 ssh: ssh shouldn't conflict with ssh2
> 	How would you feel about downgrading this heavily, Richard?
> 	I'm thinking of wishlist here.. He wants OpenSSH to work with
> 	ssh2 -- ssh2 wants to own /usr/bin/ssh, and make a symlink to
> 	/usr/bin/ssh2. That's bound to be ugly. I tried to make
> 	ssh-nonfree (then just ssh) work with ssh2 once, but failed.
> 	I don't think I can fix this. How about some mercy here?-)
I always use ssh-nonfree (former ssh) with ssh2 package. What I have to do is
to remove /etc/init.d/ssh and bind sshd2 on port 22 instead of package default
2222. Then I could use either ssh1 or ssh2 or ssh (openssh) to connect to the


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