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Re: [Fwd: Another predefined group in /etc/group: ups?]


sorry for not replying the original mail, I seem to have missed it.

> BTW: Yury Shevchuk <sizif@botik.ru> wrote me that he is no longer interested 
> to maintain a deb version of the nut and that Luca Filipozzi 
> <lfilipoz@emyr.net> is willing to prepare an officail deb. Yet I could not 
> locate Luca Filipozzi <lfilipoz@emyr.net> in the developers database. In 
> addition he still has not reply my query about his intention to debianize the 
> nut. I also could not locate in the mailing list archive the message that I 
> believe someone sent about his ITP the nut. There for, my conclusion is that 
> currently no one {seems interested, has time} to package the nut. Am I right?

As far as I know, Luca is still interessted in packaging it and I proposed him
to sponsor his package until he gets to be a developper. I don't know why he
didn't reply to you. I will check with him if he is still interested in it.

Remi Lefebvre <remi@debian.org>

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