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ITP/RFS (Request For Sponsor): xpuyopuyo

  Hello list,

  I have created and would like to upload to woody a package of the game
xpuyopuyo.  This is a UNIX port of the Windows game with a similar name,
vaguely similar to Tetris but (of course) different; the idea is that you
match up sets of 4 (rather cute :) ) colored blobs to eliminate them.  Appears
to have two-player support via network or on the same display (I haven't
tested this myself, so I can't say what the quality of play is, but I think
it should be fine)

  The software is from:

  There's one small problem, though, which is that I'm not a Debian developer.
I applied a few months ago (while n-m was still closed), and have one package
sponsored into potato (xarchon); is there anyone who would be interested in
sponsoring an upload of this for woody?  I'm willing to wait until after the
potato freeze.

  I don't have any public Web/FTP space, so I'll have to either email you
the source package or put them up on my own computer (which has a dynamic IP,
making things a bit of a pain..)


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