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Re: What's the status of devpts?

Andreas Trottmann wrote:
> The latest glibc package doesn't provide /etc/init.d/devpts.sh anymore,
> and it seems that no other package is supposed to provide it within
> potato. I realize that a potato system can work fine without devpts (by
> just using the 'old' /dev/ttyp and /dev/ptyp devices). However, I
> somewhat like pts :-)
> So, what are debian users supposed to do? Should we manually create a
> fstab entry for /dev/pts and have it mount together with the other
> filesystems? Is the installation from boot-floppies going to prepare
> something like this? And will there be something in the slink->potato
> upgrade procedure that automates it?
> devpts.sh was very nice though, as it "just worked" whether you had
> devpts support in your kernel or not. Is it going to re-appear
> somewhere?

My understanding is that Joel Klecker removed it because he didn't want to
maintain it. The recent '{' typo and resulting flood of bug reports may be
a contributing factor, I don't really know. From the changelog:

It clear to me that devpts.sh is a better solution than an entry in the
fstab. We need it in Debian _somewhere_; if Joel doesn't want to maintain
it or has some techical reason to not put it in libc6, it needs to go
somewhere else (maybe integrate it into mountall.sh, or drop it into 

see shy jo

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