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Bug#58759: Request for new virtual packages: rsh-client and telnet-client

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

other solutions are possible, this is my preference.

it should be possible to install the following sets of packages at the same time:
1. rsh-client and heimdal-clients
2. telnet, telnet-ssl, and heimdal-clients.

This requires new virtual packages. I propose:
1. rsh-client
2. telnet-client

as this goes along the same lines as ftp-server and pop3-server.

The catch: newer packages would have to conflict with old versions of
the rsh-client *package*:

rsh-client (<< version)

however, this would also conflict with the *virtual package* (is the
above even legal?).

Proposed solution: rename rsh-client (the *package*) to something
else, eg rclients (which seems more appropriate as it contains more
then just rsh).

telnet is more important as there telnet-ssl and heimdal-clients provide
different security implementations.

rsh isn't so important, as one is secure (and backward compatible) and
the other one isn't; still rsh-client contains programs not included
in heimdal-clients, eg rcp.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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